Graphic Designer
Based in Ghent, Belgium

I like direct and functional design, typography on paper and honest communication. My name is Manuel Serra Sáez and I am a multidisciplinary designer with years of experience in branding, web design and editorial design. In the last years I have worked in Valencia, Los Angeles and Ghent.

Animated poster

Concept for album Zach Heckendorf’s Hawk Talk album cover
Animated logo for video productions company

Postcard for greeting the new year 2020

Poster made for the literature prices of the city of Valencia

Stage design for the music festival Maanrock. Mechelen. Photos courtesy of Front View Magazine. Designed at Uncompressed, Leuven

Layout design for the publication Fidelitats a Contracorrent. Valencia

Branding for seafood restaurant. Designed at Uncompressed, Leuven

Branding and packaging design for organic whey

Book about music bands from the city of Genk. Designed at Uncompressed, Leuven

Full editorial direction for the new Starter Set of the RPG game City of Mist

Website design for Hype Empire. Designed at, Ghent
Illustrations created for the packaging of Cortes beers
Logofolio of different projects 2019

Ilustration for a poster design about literature
Concept for album covers

Cover design for a collection of books

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